Ann Clement

Author of Regency Era Romance

About Ann

Option 1Ann never planned to write romance novels. She was going to write serious history books. Instead, after getting her M.A. in history, she set out in search of adventure and put off writing. She spent years working with historical collections: books, manuscripts, works of art, and objects. She became a librarian.  It has been an invaluable experience—and great fun, too.

All along, her imagination followed her like an irritating shadow. It lurked over her shoulder and whispered about the possibilities when Ann should be doing something different than paying attention to that pesky companion. But it kept sticking its (imaginary) nose into the books Ann cataloged, read with her the manuscripts she arranged, and admired the objects and works of art for which she devised preservation measures.

Her imagination may have been emboldened by the fact that Ann always loved great stories.  She found many on her parents’ bookshelves, and even more in the three public libraries within walking distance of the apartment where she lived throughout her school years. Thus Ann traveled around the world and through time without ever needing a passport or a time machine. She only needed—yes, you guessed it—her imagination.

Years later, she stopped in Georgian England. The longer Ann stayed there the more she liked it. Then one day it occurred to her that she should try what her constant companion had been nagging her about for a while – and set to work. At first, writing romance novels was just a hobby. She wrote a few pages now and then. But there was no stopping once she started.

Ann’s debut novel, Debt of Honor, was published in 2015 by Samhain Publishing, Inc.

4 thoughts on “About Ann

  1. Hallo from Germany,
    Dept of Honor a wonderful novel, I am waiting for your next book!!!!
    Thank you Henny

    • Thank you, Henny. I’m humbled and delighted that you liked Debt of Honor so much. I’m working on my next novel now and should be able to post an update on the website soon.

  2. hello – when we can see your next book. Debt of Honor was fantastic.

    • Hi, Caroline, thank you for such a nice comment! I’m planning to release at least one book early next year and perhaps follow up with another later in 2021. The first one has been written for some time; the second one is still under construction, but I’m getting there.

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